The HAC is the manifestation of an idea that I had in the 80's, a location that had practitioners of many healing modalities in one location. What a surprise when I moved into center city and I was a half block from HAC. All of the practitioners are accomplished, compassionate and worthy of an appointment if you have realized that maintaining your health and vitality may be augmented by a hands on expert in moving your vital energy through one of the many systems that are the underlying support systems of your body.
- Frank Z.

Absolutely the best massage in Philadelphia! An incredible group of people offering healing classes and workshops. Love love love!! 

- Lindsay

Adrian gave me one of the best massages of my life. I haven't felt this pain-free in years. I'll definitely be back.

- Carmen M.

I'll say it again - Adrian is hands-down the most intuitive and powerful body worker I have ever had the pleasure of working with - in Philly or in the world (and I've had a lot of massage over the years). He is a consummate professional, as well as very good with keeping his energy boundaries very strong.  I would add that he is a natural-born Healer and Intuitive in addition to being a "body worker" or simply a "masseuse".  There are some things that just can't be taught when it comes to body work - you are born into them -and Adrian has that.  You have to go see Adrian! 

- Jennifer N.

I come here for physical therapy with Gail and she has really helped my wonky body. I've also taken Pilates workshops with her that have greatly benefited my practice. The studio also offers acupuncture and massages, which I will definitely take advantage of soon.

- Brittany M.

Brianna is a wonderful, compassionate and effective healer who's done so much for me with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs.  I had treatments with her at two prior locations, and at this new (to her) space.  Highly recommended!

- Pat F.

Absolutely a massage gem of Philadelphia and beyond! Adrian King is my favorite all time therapist, healer, magician. Anytime my body is aching - he is able to gently and intuitively navigate through my body and its aches and pains. He feels every ounce of your body. Words cannot describe my experience with Adrian, whom I have been working with for over 5 years. Thank you!

- Aleksandra M.

Thank you Gail! Gail Kotel MPT is an incredibly talented clinician. As a practicing physical therapist myself, I am very selective. Gail was highly recommended to me by another colleague. I remain very impressed by her expertise and creative treatment approach. Gail truly listened and was fully engaged in my care. I am now pain free and able to work at full capacity thanks to this amazing practitioner!

- Jennifer M.

A beautiful, welcoming, diverse environment of healers.

- Haylee

Adrian worked with me to facilitate a bodywork & sound healing session before I auditioned for Philadelphia Orchestra. The experience was transformative! Adrian gave world-class, exquisitely well-attuned bodywork while his associate Iron Gump gave a meditative sound healing which I found simultaneously calming and inspiring. Their teamwork was highly effective. Afterwards, I played a great audition and as a result got invited to perform with Philadelphia Orchestra! Thanks Adrian & Gump! I recommend Healing Arts Collective to anybody who wants a trustworthy, professional quality, deeply healing experience. Ask and ye shall receive.

- Marc G.

Gail Kotel is a uniquely talented healer. She combines her expertise as a physical therapist with her knowledge as a master of pilates to design all manner of exercises and healing techniques to keep me pain free and highly functional, despite physical issues. My doctors cannot believe I am pain free. I cannot express how wonderful Gail is or how grateful I am to have her expert help. Thank you Gail. 

- John H.


The space itself is comfortable, and the massage room larger than most, feels airy and welcoming.

- Anjan C.


I've been attending yoga classes and workshops at the Healing Arts Collective for years. The yoga teachers are very welcoming and friendly and the space is very comfortable. I've also attended a "shamanic sound journey" music event which really blew my mind. I've heard a lot of good things about the massage practitioners as well.

- Rob S.

I highly recommend Gail Kotel's Pilates classes, which I've taken and miss (I've yet to experience as gifted a teacher as Gail in mat Pilates). As a yoga teacher, I'm in honest appreciation of her depth of knowledge of the human body and how Pilates is to your benefit. Her instruction is very clear, yet easy to follow, with safety in mind. She also keep her classes fun while she makes sure you're not slacking in your efforts.

- Mother L.

They are so fantastic. I've seen lots of therapists and this place is the best. There's really no comparison.

- Karen S.

Adrian is the best practitioner I've visited - knowledgable, considerate, and effective.  I don't even know how he does half the stuff he does on my piriformis, but the man knows what he's doing.  He even helped me realize that I had strained my intercostals, and then he went to work on them!

- Annie L.

As a chronic pain patient for over 12 years, I've seen a lot of massage therapists, acupuncturists, and sought all types of holistic help to ease my daily tension headaches, joint pain, and eventually shoulder than feels like it's made of concrete. Yesterday, I came to Healing Arts Collective to get a massage from Adrian that was not just relaxing but quite productive. He stretched my arms in ways I never have, loosened up multiple areas so that the balls of pain stuck inside me where able to breathe. I feel like I have a new shoulder! Even better I was able to get the half hour massage for $40, at other places you can usually just book an hour, often for an outrageous amount. All in all I really like being able to do the combination of the two, massage and acupuncture, back to back. These guys are highly skilled, if you are in pain they will help!

- Kate B.

Adrian's massage was one of the very best I've ever had.  He is truly gifted. Go see him.  You'll thank me later.

- Aaron C.

Adrian offers an integrated approach to massage with stretching, myofascial release and Thai yoga -- all to bring a better more long-lasting experience in massage.

- Heather M.

Jen was amazing! Next level of relaxation and soothing out all the kinks from working and working out. She sat me down and we chatted about what I was looking for, what areas needed attention, etc.. she guided me through listening to my breath and had the most peaceful presence - just a lovely, super knowledgeable practitioner who really loves what she does.  I tend to tense up during massages, focusing so much on trying to relax that I can't.  Jen was able to soothe my anxieties. It was a wonderful mix of meditation, mindful breathing, and a deep tissue massage.  I left feeling euphoric and will definitely do the salt bath tonight that she recommended.

- Kristine B.

I've been to a few other massage therapists and I have gotten the best work done by Adrian. He incorporates a variety of styles of massage to best fit the needs of the client. Adrian is professional, affordable and knowledgeable with his craft.  I would recommend my own family, co-workers and friends to him. Adrian truly gives a meaningful massage.

- El H.

Been going to Adrian for 4-5 years. .... The best 60 minutes of my week.  He knows exactly where to concentrate.  Very centered gentle yet powerful. The absolute best.

- Jack B.


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