Sound Journey

Sessions with Iron Gump are designed as a way for individuals to guide themselves into deeper recesses of their imaginations. Each Sound Journey is guided utilizing flutes, gongs, bells, guitar, voice, singing bowls and other vibrational instruments as well as some light massage on the hands feet and head.  These sessions are personally tailored to each person's desire to explore themselves deeper to begin to open or close the doorways of the spirit. An initial consultation is recommended but not a necessity as the first few minutes of each session can be used for discussion.

The work is energy sensitive, so please consider and understand that I will not be taking any dark from you, yet will be reminding you of where you may have placed your light. This is only acts as a part of the work that you may need to do to find that space your looking to be in or out of, so consider more than one answer to the questions you may have about your mind, body and spirit because there is not ONE answer - yet they all stem from the same source.

$80 1 Hour Session /  $120 1.5 Hour Session