Massage + Bodywork

Integrative Massage Therapy

Based on your needs, our skilled practitioners use the appropriate modality of healing touch to address your goals. Like a painter with a full spectrum of colors on their palette, we will combine a variety of valuable techniques to be as effective as possible. These techniques include: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Trigger Point, Acupressure, Thai, Lomi Lomi, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, and Energy Work. The depth, intensity, and  rhythm will be specially catered to your unique body and mind.

Myofascial Release + Craniosacral Therapy

'Myo' refers to muscle, and 'fascial' refers to fascia, a form of dense connective tissue that forms the casing of the muscles and ALL other structures in the body. The fascia is a continuous network of fibers that connects the body seamlessly from head to toe, skin to bone, and macro to micro. By applying special principles and techniques, Myofascial Release will unlock restrictions in the fascial system at large, while Craniosacral Therapy deals with fascial restrictions surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Releasing the fascia will relieve you from chronic pain, and restore healthy form and function to your body and mind. 

Prenatal Massage

Expecting mothers will find tremendous benefit in receiving massage. Pregnancy comes with its aches and pains, and affects on mood and overall energy. Our practitioners, are trained in prenatal massage, and will help relieve musculoskeletal pain associated with pregnancy. Massage will also help to calm pregnancy related stress and anxiety, and bring balance to the emotions.

Thai Bodywork

This form of bodywork takes place on a floor mat, with the recipient clothed in something comfortable that allows for movement and stretching. The practitioner will use a sequence of rhythmic compression along the energy meridians, range of motion, and stretching, using his/her hands, forearms & elbows, knees, and feet as tools. Equally as effective as integrative massage, but with a greater emphasis on sustained pressure, movement and stretching, to enhance energy flow through the meridians of the body. 

Package Deals

3 hrs of session time - $265
= save 7% per session

6 hrs of session time - $500
= save 12% per session


30min    $50
 45min    $75
 60min    $95
 75min     $115
   90min    $140
  120min   $185

Recurring Appointments

Weekly Appointments
3 month contract - save 17%
Biweekly Appointments
3 month contract - save 15%
Monthly Appointments
6 month contract - save 13%

Save more when you set up recurring appointments / purchase a package deal.

Our rates are on a sliding scale based on the duration of the session.
A 90-minute session is recommend for your initial evaluation and treatment.

Our 10% discount for students and seniors is available in person, in studio.

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adrian king, LMT, CYT

Adrian abides by a holistic philosophy, aiming to do more than simply treat symptoms, but rather support people in bringing balance to the body and mind as a whole. His massage treatments delve deep into the body's tissue to release restrictions, while educating clients about self-care and mind-body awareness.  >> Schedule with Adrian

christie lynn

Christie is driven by the restorative effects of massage and the innate power of the body to heal itself. She works with Shiatsu, Prenatal Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Bamboo Fusion, the Lotus System, Myofascial Release, and Myoskeletal Alignment. She enjoys the challenge of intuitively adjusting her approach to suit varying client needs.  >> Schedule with Christie

lauren newmyer, LMT, Ryt

Lauren offers personalized Thai Bodywork sessions, encouraging deep relaxation while targeting specific muscles or tissues, providing lasting change and restoring balance in the body. Thai bodywork incorporates many of the principles found in other popular bodywork modalities, from myofascial release, to rolfing, sports massage, and energy work. Lauren also loves incorporating steamed herbal compresses and herb-infused oils and liniments into her sessions.  >> Schedule with Lauren

monica mejia, LMT

Monica enjoys using massage and movement with people who are seeking help to get rid of aches and pains, and to bring the body back to its natural state. Monica uses Deep Tissue, Hot and Cold Therapy, Massage Cupping, Stretching and AromaTherapy to achieve therapeutic results. Trained as a Holistic Oncology Massage Therapist, she helps people living with cancer to reconnect with their bodies through healing touch. Monica is also an Energy Healer specializing in Reiki and Theta Healing.  >> Schedule with Monica

nicole binder, LMT, BMC, CYT

Nicole offers injury treatment and prevention through hands-on bodywork and guided movement re-patterning. She works primarily with muscular tension, skeletal alignment and fascial tensegrity, but also practices joint mobilization, energy work, movement therapy, embodied anatomy, and developmental movement. Nicole integrates movement re-education within hands-on sessions.  >>  Schedule with Nicole