Thai Massage / Bodywork

This form of bodywork takes place on a floor mat, with the recipient clothed in something comfortable that allows for movement and stretching. The practitioner will use a sequence of rhythmic compression, joint mobilization, and stretching, using his/her hands, forearms & elbows, knees, and feet as tools. Equally as effective as integrative massage, but with a greater emphasis on movement and stretching.

Our Practitioner

lauren newmyer


Lauren offers personalized Thai Bodywork sessions, encouraging deep relaxation while targeting specific muscles or tissues, providing lasting change and restoring balance in the body. Thai bodywork incorporates many of the principles found in other popular bodywork modalities, from myofascial release, to rolfing, sports massage, and energy work. Lauren also loves incorporating steamed herbal compresses and herb-infused oils and liniments into her sessions. 

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