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Valentine's Day Partner Yoga & Massage

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Spend Valentine’s Friday with us bonding with your beloved through restorative stretches and movement, and therapeutic healing touch.
We will begin by sampling rare herbal tonic, Ormus, a solution of mono-atomic gold and silver, and herbs - assisting in an uplifted state, as we initiate the evening with a meditation.
We will then be guided through a sequence of restorative partner yoga postures, which aid in therapeutic benefit by using our partners body to enhance both intensity and comfort of stretching and balancing.
Finally we will flow into an instructional session of Thai massage techniques, and melt under the natural healing goodness of your partners hands, elbows, knees, and feet - all unused to apply pressure along the body’s meridians, and alleviate physical stress and tension. Take these techniques home with you to enhance bonding and intimacy.
Significant others, friends, or family members all welcome as partners.
We can’t wait to see you there!

Led by massage therapists & Yoga Instructors Adrian King & Lauren Newmyer!