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Circle of Awakening 2018

circle of awakening 2018.png

With Jeff Carreira

3rd Sundays 10-11:30am

$120 for the year

$15 drop in

You are invited to a spiritual adventure into the living core of awakening.

In this twelve month program we will journey together on a spiritual journey as deeply into the miracle of liberated awareness as we can go. You will be joining a circle of awakening. Month by month you will gain greater access to profound states of consciousness and build deep bonds with fellow explorers who are connecting in those same depths with you. This is a journey into the mysteries of spiritual illumination and I can hardly wait to get started with you.

Please note that this is really an awakening program. We will be using a time-honored form of meditation to catalyzed awakening, but meditation is just the vehicle the point is where we can go together.

I define meditation as the immediate recognition of our inherent freedom, which simply means seeing for yourself that you are already free and always have been. This recognition is what I define as awakening and it is not the end of the path. It is the beginning.

As we learn to rest in freedom our hearts and minds begin to open to depths of care and insight. We soon begin to see that what we thought was full range of human potential is a small fraction of what we are truly capable of.

This program is an invitation to embrace the fullness of who you truly are.

$120 for the whole year
$15 drop in

January 21
Setting Your Sights on the Radical Possibility of True Freedom

February 18
Finding the Clarity to Remain Unmoved by Illusion

March 18
Building the Strength to Remain Completely Open to the Moment

April 15
Discovering the Faith to Let Go of the Future

May 20
Having the Heart to Embrace the Totality of Existence

June 17
Living with the Vulnerability to be Moved by the Unimaginable

July 15
Discovering the Courage to Give Up Control

August 19
Being Willing to Abandon All Reference Points

September 16
Surrendering to the Delicate Intuitions of Spirit

October 21
Aspiring for Unimaginable Possibilities

November 18
Anchoring Your Heart and Mind in the Infinite

December 16
The Courage to Expand Beyond the Known

Earlier Event: January 14
Yin Yoga & Reiki