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Dance Your Daemons: Shamanic Dance Journey

Dance your Daemons

With Tara Star
Friday, November 17th
7 - 9 PM
$15 Online / $20 Door

Dance Your Daemons is an enlivening and empowering dance, open to all genders, which explores hidden realms of enchantment. In this transformational movement practice, we acknowledge the currents of energy which surround us and which are potential sources of illumination and enrichment - energy which, in our everyday life, is often ignored.

Our intention is for this movement to be a monthly practice, and we invite up to 15 beautiful souls to explore with us, each time!


In Dance Your Daemons, hidden energies are invited to show themselves -- so that we can see them, relate to them, and even step into their perspective. This dance is tender, compassionate, and all-embracing, and is a sweet way to release frustrations and accumulated blocks in body, mind, and emotions, including anxiety, self-consciousness and physical pain. For this moment, we allow for release of anxiety, self-consciousness, and physical pain.

Within this guided practice, we wear blindfolds (or keep our eyes closed) to ignite our imagination, to maintain anonymity, and enable ourselves to put aside any concerns of appearance. We remain in the support of a shared group intention as we dance freely “like no one's watching"! Learn more @


Drugs and alcohol are not welcome within this sacred space. On the day of the dance, we suggest that you even explore excluding sugar and caffeine from your diet. We acknowledge that there are many other places in which you may enjoy dance under the influence of intoxicants from the kind and wild medicinal world; Dance Your Daemons is not one of them. We reserve the right to ask you to leave the dance if you are intoxicated.


Tara Star is the founder of Dharma Dance, an embodied awakening modality that draws on ancient movement arts and contemporary ritual. Her studies in women’s spirituality and alternative healing have guided her to the profound and often misunderstood sacred practice of bellydance. Her dedication to this sensual dance has evoked powerful and transformative spiritual experiences that have fueled a passion for embodied spirituality.

Tara has spent several years living in India, Malaysia and Thailand, studying meditation and performing at over 1200 shows as a soloist - in some of the most exclusive venues in the world. Her travels as a performer allowed her to study yoga, Tantra, Taoism, emotional release, and numerous meditation practices. In 1994, Tara started her training in emotional release work, and has facilitated several trauma healing workshops for individuals and groups.

In 2002, Tara trained with tantra teachers Joan and Tomas Heartfield to facilitate heart opening ceremonies. She is now fusing her knowledge with her life experience to create programs that connect and expand mind, body, and spirit. Tara lives in NYC with her husband, enjoying the myriad of opportunities to further her studies and to share transformational dance. Learn more at and