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The Experience of Radical Freedom

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The Experience of Radical Freedom:
Deep Meditation and Transformative Inquiry

w/ Jeff Carreira and Nina Dudas

Sunday, July 8
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Tuition $55 (online)
Tuition $70 (at the door)

In this five hour workshop, you will experience dramatic liberation from the habitual patterns of your mind. We are all deeply conditioned to use our minds in a very limited ways. Without realizing it, our awareness is almost always trapped in the hypnotic trance of the familiar. Occasionally life knocks our attention off of its mental rails, and we find ourselves thinking freely and asking questions we never knew we could ask. In this workshop you will discover how his exceptionally open and creative state of mind can be practiced in meditation. You will go up to, and over, the edge of what you had previously thought possible. You will see how much bigger and more magnificent life is than you ever dreamed, and the small piece of realty you used to live in will no longer limit you.

In this afternoon of meditation practice and dialog, you will learn how the profound liberation of an unleashed heart and mind can ignite in your life and make the impossible possible.

Join two daring and committed spiritual practitioners in this adventure of discovery and realization.

Come to this workshop if you:

- Have been meditating for years, and are ready to experience the full freedom you know is waiting for you.
- Have never mediated before, and want an approach that gives you access to the radical shift in awareness that is calling you.
- Know you are ready to see beyond the limits of imagination and dramatically expand your access to true creativity. 
- Have been curious about spiritual awakening and didn’t know where to go to experience it for real. 

Your Guides for This Adventure: 

Jeff Carreira has taught meditation and awakening to thousands of people throughout the world for nearly twenty years. After initially working as an engineer and then as a school teacher, a dramatic awakening experience compelled him to leave his ordinary life completely behind, and to join an experimental spiritual community. For the next twenty years, Jeff was able to engage in extreme amounts of practice, and was blessed with countless more awakening experiences and energetic breakthroughs. His teaching is based on the fruits of many years of practice and study, and his guidance is always aimed at bringing us into direct contact with our True Self. Jeff is the author of six books on meditation and spiritual philosophy, and is about to publish his first novel. He teaches courses, programs, and retreats, both online and in person. You may find more information at

Nina Dudas is an agent of Truth and Freedom. Her spiritual inquiry started at an early age, and was encouraged and guided - gently, subtly - by her first and lifelong teacher - her mother. Her initial awakening experience came as she surrendered completely to a dark night of her soul. On the other side, she realized the perfection of all existence as the One Being. Her practice began in earnest, and today her highest excitement is of people having a direct experience of their own Truth, the core of who they are, the infinite space of Self, Love and Oneness. The essence is the same in all beings, but each expression of it is absolutely singular, powerful, and necessary. She invites people to discover that connection as she holds the space and surrenders with them fully, hand in hand, heart to heart, letting all that is not their Truth fall away. That which remains both heals and transforms. Learn more at

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