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Dance your Daemons

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With Tara Star
March 17th 7-9pm

Currents of energy surround us and are potential sources of illumination and enrichment, but are often ignored or pushed away. Dance Your Daemons is an enlivening and empowering dance with these hidden realms of enchantment. In this transformational movement practice, there is no need to worry about how you'll look dancing, because we wear blindfolds (or keep our eyes closed) to ignite our imagination and maintain anonymity, while remaining in the support of a shared group intention, as we dance freely “like no one is watching!” 

In this guided practice, hidden energies are invited to show themselves, so that we can see them, relate with them and even step into their perspective. Dance Your Daemons is tender, compassionate and all embracing, as well as a great let go of frustrations and accumulated blocks in body, mind and emotions, including anxiety, self-consciousness and physical pain.

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