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Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Unity

With: Kiel Gerhard + Giulia Eve Flores

Cost: $33

The dysfunctional myths of masculinity and femininity are finally breaking down. We are coming into a healthier, happier, more harmonious understanding of what it means to be a man and a woman, and how to stand strong in our divinity together. There has been a deep and increasing soul call from both men and women for a sacred space to heal the feminine and masculine energies within ourselves, within our relationships, and within the collective consciousness of the planet. Come and explore this feeling of empowered healing through guided meditation, sonic meditation, a Circle of Truth, energy work, and a crystal singing bowl sound bath, and get a full experience of the balance, harmony and grace that is possible to cultivate within and without. 

About Giulia & Kiel

Kiel Gerhard is a certified Reiki Master, plant medicine maker, and a service-driven spiritual practitioner, who has catapulted thousands of people onto a life-changing journey of spiritual awakening and growth. He is the founder of Back To Nature Oils, which offers hand-blended essential oils, a whole food organic elixir, wild-foraged medicinal mushrooms, kombucha, energy work, guided meditations, crystal singing bowl workshops and Himalayan retreats. His most exceptional gifts are his sincere willingness to help people heal and his profound ability to do so. He believes in bringing people back to their true nature and accelerating them on their life path. Ultimately, what Kiel does, is connecting people into a line of God (Source, Creator, Universe – call it by any other name), so that each individual can perform their Highest Service and positively transform the world for more peace, oneness and God-consciousness. 

Giulia Eve Flores is a classically trained actor, writer, artistic director, voice & presence coach, and spiritual practitioner. Using storytelling as a powerful tool to heal, transform and catalyze spiritual growth, she founded both her personal company White Rose Violet Flame, and a theatre company, Web of Jewels. White Rose Violet Flame upholds the motto of "Raising Consciousness Through the Power of Voice". Her purpose is to unify, empower and uplift the Divine Feminine. 

Web of Jewels is a high-consciousness, heart-to-heart, holistic theatre company, that uses sound healing, stories of spiritual adventure, and alternative science to inspire and fuel conscious artists and audiences. Giulia's highest purpose in life is to generate a chain reaction of wise, uplifted and empowered people working together for more harmony, unity and peace in the world. 

Later Event: October 11
"To Eat or Not To Eat"