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Activating Your Authentic Voice - For Women

With: Giulia Flores

Cost: $25

If not us, who? If not now, when?

Our Time is Now to reclaim our right to hold space and be heard as divinely connected women. Our Time is Now to be fully, unflinchingly present, and to let our Truths flow out without censoring, compromise or counter-aggression. We, as women, and as individual souls, carry much painful repression in our collective consciousness. This workshop is a sacred journey of vocal release, activation and empowerment among sisters, so that all of us may perform our Highest Service most effectively. 

Through sonic meditation, we will find our authentic voice, our signature frequency, our soul's song, to resonate from in our everyday lives. Come experience this healing, designed to uplift the Divine Feminine, and know that as you heal yourself, you release the codes of consciousness for all women to do so. Join the sacred movement!


Giulia Eve Flores is a classically trained actor, writer, artistic director, voice & presence coach, and spiritual practitioner. Using storytelling as a powerful tool to heal, transform and catalyze spiritual growth, she founded both her personal company White Rose Violet Flame, and a theatre company, Web of Jewels. White Rose Violet Flame upholds the motto of "Raising Consciousness Through the Power of Voice". Her purpose is to unify, empower and uplift the Divine Feminine. 

Web of Jewels is a high-consciousness, heart-to-heart, holistic theatre company, that uses sound healing, stories of spiritual adventure, and alternative science to inspire and fuel conscious artists and audiences. Giulia's highest purpose in life is to generate a chain reaction of wise, uplifted and empowered people working together for more harmony, unity and peace in the world.