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Embrace: 8 Month Meditation Circle of Awakening

With: Jeff Carreira

For more information and for the complete schedule, visit Jeff's website.

In this eight month program (April to November 2017), we will journey together on a spiritual journey as deeply into the miracle of liberated awareness as we can go. You will be joining a circle of awakening. Month by month you will gain greater access to profound states of consciousness and build deep bonds with fellow explorers who are connecting in those same depths with you. This is a journey into the mysteries of spiritual illumination and I can hardly wait to get started with you.

The meditation practice we will work with is the meditation called The Practice of No Problem, but we will be going far beyond meditation instructions and techniques. We will be releasing the obstacles that keep us bound in assumptions of limitation and then embracing the qualities that will release us into the explosive and life-altering recognition of our own inherent freedom.


Once we have begun to release the attitudes and assumptions that keep us unfree we begin a process of deepening into the mysteries that open up on the other side of freedom.


Sunday, August 20
10am to 11:30am
Awakening Session 5: Embracing Stillness
The depths of stillness of mind and body that we begin to experience in our practice begins a process of disillusion of the boundaries of separation that keep us feeling isolated and alone. As we embrace more and more of this magical quality we begin to open into the experience of direct connection with all of life.


Sunday, September 17
10am to 11:30am
Awakening Session 6: Embracing Contentment
In the depths of stillness we begin to disentangle from the movement of our mind. We have always assumed that we can only be content if we feel content. At this point in your practice you will see that you are not your emotions and you will experience the unimaginable joy of recognizing that you can be content even if your mind is not.


Sunday, October 22
10am to 11:30am
Awakening Session 7: Embracing Immediacy
When we release our attachment to time we enter into an intensely immediate experience of the present moment. It is as if we have been holding ourselves back and suddenly we our right on the edge of creation. As we grow comfortable in a much more vulnerable experience of life we begin to recognize what it feels like to be truly alive and present.


Sunday, November 12
10am to 11:30am
Awakening Session 8: Embracing Wholeness
The practice of meditation reveals to us that that there is nothing separating us from anyone or anything else. We are an inextricable part of a magnificent cosmic process of unending unfolding. We no longer feel like a separate individual who meditates because we now experience the entire universe meditating through us.

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