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Summer Meditation Series

With: Anantananda Das

Cost: $30 per session; $75 for all 3 sessions

Please arrive by 11:50; Meditation will start promptly at 12

Create or enhance your meditation practice with passion, clarity, and greater awareness. Meditate and go within to access your full innate power. Through ancient wisdom and techniques, we will energize our thoughts, feelings, and actions with the limitless and pure power of creation.

Join us for a 3-week series of meditation workshops designed for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Offered by Anantananda Das Brahmachari, these workshops will explore meditation and various aspects of our being including the awakened mind, illuminating heart, and soul.

Anantananda Das is a Brahmachari (monk) of the Order of Sai Maa Brahmacharya, committing his life to the awakening of human consciousness during his five years of spiritual study in India. A disciple of spiritual master Sai Maa and initiated into a 2,600 year old lineage, Anantananda Das aims to bridge the gap between western consciousness and Indian spirituality.

Week One: Meditation & the Awakened Mind - Aug 12th
The mind can be your greatest ally or worst foe. Realize and unlock the majesty of your mind to create a new experience of life. Explore how to consciously awaken the mind for greater clarity and purpose in every moment.

Week Two: Meditation & the Illuminating Heart - Aug 19th
Think with the heart and love with the mind. Learn how transform your life through your fully open heart and how to live a powerfully anchored in the heart.

Week Three: Meditation & the Soul - Aug 26th
At the core of our being, there is a unique brilliant essence wishing to be expressed. Move into that state of knowingness and experience the beauty of your soul. 

Later Event: August 14
August Meditation