Acupuncture is a time-tested healing modality that has been used for millennia in the far east. By the strategic placement and manipulation of ultra-fine needles, the acupuncturist promotes the free flow of vital energy throughout the body systems. Though science has yet to uncover how acupuncture works, recent high quality research affirms its effectiveness. Acupuncture can relieve pain, activate the immune system, improve organ function, and bring overall balance to the body and mind. In a private treatment room, the acupuncturist treats the recipient using points in many locations on the body. Some points address overall constitution, while others address specific regions of concern. 

We offer private and semi-private acupuncture treatments with three leading practitioners!   


Brenda Levin


Brenda specializes in supporting people diagnosed with cancer, autoimmune disorders, and chronic pain by using a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, integrative nutrition counseling and shiatsu massage therapy.  >>  Schedule with Brenda


Brianna Eardley-Pryor

Brianna specializes in treating women at every stage of the reproductive years, and beyond. Brianna also offers Chinese herbal consultations.  >>  Schedule with Brianna


Lynnae Schwartz

Lynnae specializes in underlying medical conditions, neurological conditions and autoimmune or immunodeficiency diseases. Individuals hesitant to accept needle-insertion can be treated with non-insertion techniques, gentle moxa, massage and cold-laser energy.  >>  Schedule with Lynnae

>> Acupuncture Q & A

Q: What is acupuncture? A:  Acupuncture moves your body into a healing mode with the help of very thin, flexible, and sterile, single-use needles, which are inserted into "acupoints".

Q: What does it feel like? A: For many people, acupuncture looks and feels like serious relaxation. Many patients drift off to sleep during treatment. For others, it feels like a sense of heaviness or dull achiness at the location of the needles. Each person’s experience of needle sensation is slightly different.

Q: How does it work?  A: From an Eastern perspective, acupuncture promotes your body’s own self-healing properties to alleviate pain, to treat illness and to promote wellness. Chinese medicine sees the body as a microcosm of nature — a dynamic force constantly striving for balance. Acupuncture taps into that force and reminds the body to restore physiology and promote healing.

From a Western medical perspective, research indicates that acupuncture increases blood circulation and may mimic some of our body’s mechanisms for regulating and alleviating pain. 


BodyPathways + Gyrotonic®

Classes are held on Tuesdays at 5:30pm
$20 Drop-in Rate / 5 Classes for $75

The GYROTONIC® method is a unique movement practice which simultaneously strengthens and stretches the body, through fluid, circular movements that are performed on specialized equipment.  Practice of the method can create balance, efficiency, strength, and flexibility as well as relieve pain, improve posture, and enhance mobility. 

BodyPathways utilizes a variety of modalities, including GYROTONIC®, Pilates, Functional Fitness Training, Yoga, GYROKINESIS®, and Dance, we work to create freedom and strength in your movement, while safely achieving your fitness and wellness goals. The results can include: reduced pain, increased range of motion, better posture, coordination, and more confidence in your overall physicality.  The work is tailored to each individual client based on their physical needs and movement goals.  

The GYROKINESIS® body conditioning technique simultaneously stretches and strengthens the body with minimal effort, while increasing range of motion and developing coordination. This group class is based on all of the same principles as GYROTONIC® exercise, only without the specialized equipment.


Massage + Bodywork

Integrative Massage Therapy

Based on your needs, our skilled practitioners use the appropriate modality of healing touch to address your goals. Like a painter with a full spectrum of colors on his/her palette, we will combine a variety of valuable techniques to be as effective as possible. These techniques include: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Trigger Point, Acupressure, Thai, Lomi Lomi, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, and Energy Work. The depth, intensity, and  rhythm will be specially catered to your unique body and mind.

Myofascial Release + Craniosacral Therapy

'Myo' refers to muscle, and 'fascial' refers to fascia, a form of dense connective tissue that forms the casing of the muscles and ALL other structures in the body. The fascia is a continuous network of fibers that connects the body seamlessly from head to toe, skin to bone, and macro to micro. By applying special principles and techniques, Myofascial Release will unlock restrictions in the fascial system at large, while Craniosacral Therapy deals with fascial restrictions surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Releasing the fascia will relieve you from chronic pain, and restore healthy form and function to your body and mind. 

Prenatal Massage

Expecting mothers will find tremendous benefit in receiving massage. Pregnancy comes with its aches and pains, and affects on mood and overall energy. Our practitioners, are trained in prenatal massage, and will help relieve musculoskeletal pain associated with pregnancy. Massage will also help to calm pregnancy related stress and anxiety, and bring balance to the emotions.

Thai Style Bodywork

This form of bodywork takes place on a floor mat, with the recipient clothed in something comfortable that allows for movement and stretching. The practitioner will use a sequence of rhythmic compression, joint mobilization, and stretching, using his/her hands, forearms & elbows, knees, and feet as tools. Equally as effective as integrative massage, but with a greater emphasis on movement and stretching.



Package Deals

3 hours of session time - $240
= $80/hr, total savings of $30

6 hours of session time - $450
= $75/hr, total savings of $90

10% discount for students and seniors - Available in person, in studio.

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with one of our four licensed practitioners!  

adrian king

Adrian abides by a holistic philosophy, aiming to do more than simply treat symptoms, but rather support people in bringing balance to the body and mind as a whole. His massage treatments delve deep into the body's tissue to release restrictions, while educating clients about self-care and mind-body awareness.

jennifer huttenberger

Jennifer specializes in massage for the childbearing cycle (prenatal, labor support, postpartum), and rehabilitative massage for injury recovery and chronic tension. As a certified herbalist working primarily with western herbs, she has been blending this into the many things she offers to her clients. >> Schedule with Jennifer

nicole binder

Nicole offers injury treatment and prevention through hands-on bodywork and guided movement re-patterning. She works primarily with muscular tension, skeletal alignment and fascial tensegrity, but also practices joint mobilization, energy work, movement therapy, embodied anatomy, and developmental movement. Nicole integrates movement re-education within hands-on sessions.  >>  Schedule with Nicole

paul millwood


Paul comes from a family of healers. The gift of healing and talent as a bodyworker was given to him by his grandmother, Adrianna Louise Millwood, who was a prominent healer in Jamaica. He was frequently at her side assisting her with many treatments. It was his job to apply the ointments and liniments she personally produced. This exposed him to the nuances of touch and its therapeutic value. He is formally trained in a large number of bodywork disciplines.  >>  Schedule with Paul




Physical Therapy + Therapeutic Pilates

Gail S. Kotel is a licensed Physical Therapist and certified Pilates Instructor. Her practice includes-one on-one patient care, hour-long hands-on sessions, and private and duo classes at the Healing Arts Collective in Center City, where she offers Therapeutic Pilates. All physical therapy needs are addressed with Pilates techniques utilized for most strengthening and stretching paired with manual work. Therapeutic Pilates Physical Therapy practice specializes in pelvic and chronic pain including pre and post partum issues. The holistic practice incorporates traditional and non-traditional Physical Therapy techniques for pain management.



Reiki is a Japanese form of energy-work that involves the laying of hands or hovering on the body in order to promote peace, stress reduction, relaxation and healing. Reiki can be translated to "life force energy" or Universal Life Energy.  The practitioner places his/her hands on or above vital regions of the body, and becomes like an open channel, for life force to flow into the recipient. An excellent non-invasive technique to release stress, and achieve balance of mind and body. When our life force energy is high, we are more likely to be happy and healthy.

Victoria provides professional Reiki sessions in order to provide clients with a variety of benefits. Some of the more common benefits her clients experience are increased relaxation, reduced stress, feeling lighter, and reduced anxiety.


Sound Journey + Energy Bath

Sessions with Iron Gump are designed as a way for individuals to guide themselves into deeper recesses of their imaginations. Each Sound Journey is guided utilizing flutes, gongs, bells, guitar, voice, singing bowls and other vibrational instruments as well as some light massage on the hands feet and head.  These sessions are personally tailored to each person's desire to explore themselves deeper to begin to open or close the doorways of the spirit. An initial consultation is recommended but not a necessity as the first few minutes of each session can be used for discussion.

The work is energy sensitive, so please consider and understand that I will not be taking any dark from you, yet will be reminding you of where you may have placed your light. This is only acts as a part of the work that you may need to do to find that space your looking to be in or out of, so consider more than one answer to the questions you may have about your mind, body and spirit because there is not ONE answer - yet they all stem from the same source.

$80 1 Hour Session /  $120 1.5 Hour Session


Yoga + Movement

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Class Descriptions

Morning Vinyasa is a yoga practice with a focus on unifying the breath, body and mind. Haylee's class focuses on transitions from one place to another. The class guides the individuals discovery of the postures and provides various focus points to engage throughout the practice.   This, in turn, can reveal how our body's wisdom on the mat reflects our life. This class is fused with elements from dance, pilates, gyro, and franklin method to allow for a dynamic and fluid flow.

Yoga and Meditation. This class begins with a half hour of mindful movement exploration to begin waking up our senses and open our energetic body.  After we flow through our bodies the class will slow down as we enter our guided meditation.  This class will often have guest teachers so that we can experience and play with various forms of meditation to find which serves each individual best.  We will always close with a short optional sharing of our experience. 

Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, derives its' name through a focus on awakening Kundalini energy through regular practice of meditation, breath work, chanting, and yoga postures. Kundalini energy sits at the base of the spine and when activated can have a transformative effect on the mind, body, and spirit. Kundalini Yoga works to create balance and awareness by utilizing the entire Chakra system. Through this ancient technology you will peel back the layers of the unconscious to discover your truth. 

GYROKINESIS® body conditioning technique simultaneously stretches and strengthens the body with minimal effort, while increasing range of motion and developing coordination.  A typical class begins by practicing self-massage and simple breathing patterns known as "Awakening of the Senses." Participants then begin to mobilize the spine through a series of simple and organic movements such as arching, curling, bending, twisting and spiraling, all while seated on a stool.  As the class develops it moves to the floor, or a mat. More vigorous movements, with co-ordinated breathing patterns, are executed to enhance trunk stability, stimulate the cardiovascular system, build strength, and increase endurance.  Class often finishes with a short relaxation period. The practice of GYROKINESIS® exercise can result in aerobic and cardiovascular stimulation, enhanced neuromuscular awareness, and an increase of mobility, strength, and coordination in the spine, shoulders, chest and hips.